In an age where reaching out to a global audience is as easy as the click of a button, “Standing Out in the Crowd” has taken on an entirely new meaning. Each day thousands of Companies, Brands, Organizations and Individuals vie for the attention of what they perceive as their “Target Audience or Market”,  all intent on nothing less than the largest market share and the highest visibility they can possibly achieve.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are changing the way they rank websites more frequently than ever before. It is becoming clearer to the SEO community that the ‘ranking algorithm’ will continue to evolve so that it puts a more emphasis on page layout, user interface, user experience and social interaction. At New Cow Media, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the most up to date strategies in order to maintain optimum search and social relevance and rankings. Yes, keeping up with the constant evolution of the search and media landscape is no easy task, but that’s what we do, and we do it well.

Engagement for engagement’s sake isn’t necessarily a good thing. Social media marketing efforts have to lead to conversations or some sort of productivity; then and only then will you reach optimum engagement. Successful social media campaigns will not only humanize your brand, but when coupled with other New Cow Media strategies, they’ll begin to attract new customers and fans as well.

Check out these astounding facts: Facebook has surpassed 1 billion users worldwide, by far the largest collection of users anywhere. On its own, Facebook would be the 3rd largest country in the world! The average U.S. Facebook user spends over 20 minutes a day on the site and 65% of those users ONLY buy products or use services completely based on what their friends “Like” or recommend. With over 170 million active American Facebook users, social media becomes a no brainer. Let New Cow Media help you stay relevant and engage with your existing customers (and help you get new ones!) through social management.

We specialize in custom designed, professionally created websites for both personal and corporate business. Each member of our web design company is a creative and talented professional, working directly with you to enhance your presence on the web.

Our goal at New Cow Media is to always treat you like you’re the only client that we have. Throughout all the phases of development of your site, you’ll be assigned your own personal, professional website designer. He will be available to you 24 hours a day, via email or via their direct cell phone. You’ll receive the utmost attention and the best possible quality from him and the rest of our team. If you’re not happy with anything, we’ll make it right... guaranteed!

When potential clients visit your site, especially if being sent by any SEO work, you have between 3 to 10 seconds to grab their attention. Having a site built by New Cow Media ensures that they’ll stay much longer than that! Let us build you a site that you’ll be proud of... one that’ll give you that competitive advantage your looking for!

At New Cow Media, we can take your Facebook page to the next level by creating personalized branded tabs and custom applications. We fully integrate everything we do into Facebook, allowing any Facebook user to feel ‘safe’ when interacting with your business fan page. Our custom applications will always keep the user inside of Facebook and not get forwarded to an external website. When establishing trust and familiarity with a potential new customer, this becomes an extremely important factor. Whether you’re looking to have a fully-functioning ‘mini-website’, a customized and secure shopping cart or be able to gather emails directly from a Facebook offer you posted... New Cow Media can do it all.

The best part of integrating New Cow Media’s proprietary software into your business’ Facebook page is the ability for users to share it. Your campaign can quickly go ‘viral’, which will generate buzz for your business and lead to an increase in “Likes” and get you new customers.


Offer incentives to existing and new customers alike with the power of email and social media marketing. LocalSteals uses a zero-revenue split model to maximize your return. Pair it with SEO and/or Social Management for amazing results.

Be unique in message and appearance for both web and print media with our cutting edge graphic design services. Our team of designers can handle posters, brochures, invitations, visual systems, logos, publication design, illustrations and more.

Our Apple and Android mobile apps are fully customized to your specifications. We never use templates that limit what you can do like a lot of our competition.

Extend your business model into the reach of customers’ hands with New Cow Media mobile apps.

We are in the photo business, especially when it comes to food! Our Facebook clients often hire us for photo shoots and they love our work.

New Cow Media can do it all... from taking the photos to ‘Photoshopping’ them to add that extra touch.